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I have a web-app with an location text field that has an auto complete that pulls data from Google Maps to complete the location typed in. What I want to to is force the user to choose the specific spelling and format that the auto complete gives for the location that is being typed i.o.w. a validation. The user thus can't type anything random in the location field.

I have:

validates :location, :presence => true

,but that doesn't really help. Is there a custom validation? Or one I'm not aware of?


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I guess you need to use before_validation thing like the following

before_validation do
  self.location = YourClassName.find_by_location_name(location)

It's just an idea to get that worked. It's not an exact answer you needed.

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I also thought of using a before_validation, but integrating the auto complete not so clear on ;) – Erin Walker Mar 26 '13 at 15:25

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