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At my company we have a scale that checks the weights of boxes before loading them into a truck. In the case the box contains more or less product than acceptable, the box is rejected and delivered to another conveyor belt. The electronic scale keeps a record of the performance of the operation. Files are stored in the scale's disk and accessed using ftp from a nearby desktop computer. My boss wants the reports to be automatically emailed to his account so he doesn't need to go to that facility just to check the rejections of the day before. I started writing a program in Python to do that, but got stucked in the part about retrieving the file from the folder. Here is my code:

#This program tries to retrieve the latest report and send it by email.
import urllib
import shutil
import ftplib
import os
import sys
import glob
import time
import datetime
import smtplib
import email

#Define the server and folder where the reports are stored.
carpetaftp = "/reports/"

#This function looks for the last file in the folder.
def obtenerultimoarchivo(camino):
    for cur_path, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(camino):
        for filename in filenames:
            datos_archivo = os.stat(filename)
            tiempo_archivo = datos_archivo.st_mtime

#Connects to an ftp folder and downloads the last report.
def descargareporteftp(carpetaftp):
    ftp = ftplib.FTP("")
    #Uses 'ultimoreporte.pdf' as a copy of the last report.
    archivo = open('C:\\Balanza\\Reportes\\ultimoreporte.pdf',"wb")
    ftp.retrbinary("RETR " + obtenerultimoarchivo(),archivo.write)
    return archivo

#The function enviaemail() sends an email with an attachment.
def enviaemail(destinatario, adjunto):
    remitente = ""
    msg = email.MIMEMultipart()
    msg['From'] = remitente
    msg['To'] = destinatario
    msg['Subject'] = "Ultimo informe de la balanza."
    adjunto = open('C:\\Balanza\\Reportes\\ultimoreporte.pdf', 'rb')
    attach = email.MIMENonMultipart('application', 'pdf')
    payload = base64.b64encode('ascii')
    attach['Content-Transfer-Encoding'] = 'base64'
    attach.add_header('Content-Disposition', 'attachment', filename = 'ultimoreporte.pdf')
    server = smtplib.SMTP('')
    server.login('', 'thermofischer')
    server.sendmail('',destinatario, msg.as_string())

#The main routine, to retrieve the last report and send it by email.
adjunto = descargareporteftp(carpetaftp)
print("Reporte descargado")
print("Reporte enviado")
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You cant use os.walk to find remote files. You should use ftp list if you don't know what file you need. Also you aren't passing obtenerultimoarchivo function anything. – cmd Mar 26 '13 at 15:03
'obtenerultimoarchivo()' is inside 'descargareporteftp()'. I will check ftp list. Thanks. – Gustavo Sosa Mar 26 '13 at 19:52

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