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I am beginner in .Net framework. I must do some project using : ASP.NET web form with MS SQL server and i must use SQLcommand .I code in Java with sql command but here is different.Can you provide me some tutorials of how i should start my project.Only the basic thinks .Where can i find some tutorials or demo's with good practice.

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Check the official website. asp.net/web-forms/tutorials. Don't just read. Start a new project and try it yourself. –  Shyju Mar 26 '13 at 14:54
dont forget to mark it as accepted if its helpful to you.. –  Pranay Rana Mar 26 '13 at 15:53
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if you are starting with asp.net than check msdn its having tutorial for this : ASP.NET



Free Online ASP.NET in C# Tutorial

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Follow this tutorial: http://csharp-station.com/Tutorial/AdoDotNet/Lesson03, then ask a more direct question if/when you get stuck.

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For a good tutorial about mssql in c#

mssql in c#

I used this on my first c# - mssql project

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