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if append to page the CGridView ('myGridViewID') by ajax, I can't reload it.

TypeError: settings is undefined


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  1. Use renderPartial:


// in controller action:

$cs = Yii::app()->clientScript;
$cs->scriptMap = array(
    'jquery.js'  =>  false,   // prevent produce jquery.js in additional javascript data

// Look at 4th parameter: with TRUE value, your view will have additional javascript data.
$this->renderPartial('_partialViewWithGrid', array(), false, true);


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Here is a wiki for dynamic CgridViews in the same view. That should work.

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The problem with dynamically loaded CGridViews (and everything containing ajax) is that CController::renderPartial() does not render the required javascript code for them to work properly, unlike CController::render(), which includes the required layout and JS.

There is an extension called ZController which offers a workaround for this problem, but due to the way CGridviews are reloaded (by making an ajax call to the same URL)... when you try to filter/sort/page a CGridView loaded via AJAX, the subsequent Ajax call will replace the whole contents of your browser window, but I honestly think that maybe (only maybe) this workaround could help, but I haven't had the time to try it out.

That is why I currently avoid loading CGridViews using AJAX.

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