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I am not an Access person, just trying to write what I think is a simple query to do the following:

I have two tables in my database, imported from two separate SharePoint lists. So I do not have control over the format of the data. I will call one table the MASTER table and one table the SUBSET table. The MASTER table contains a complete list of all possible values that could appear in the SUBSET table.

Both tables have a field that contains a URL, but these fields are different data types. In the MASTER table, the URL field's data type is Text. In the SUBSET table, the URL field is of data type Hyperlink.

In addition, it is possible that some values in the SUBSET URL field do not exactly match the matching value in the MASTER URL field. So, if the MASTER URL is "http://abc.domain.com" the SUBSET URL may contain additional information, like "http://abc.domain.com/home.apsx" for example.

What I need is a query that returns all records from the MASTER table that do not have a matching URL record in the SUBSET table.

Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks in advance for your help!

Editing to include a screenshot of my almost certainly terrible attempt at a query. The desired output is a list of all RequestAccessEmail values that do not have a matching URL in the SUBSET table. Query attempt

Edit to add sample data.

For each RequestAccessEmail value, include it in query results only if the associated Url value has no match in the SP Permissions Cleanup Tracking URL field.

Internal Site Owners ID Url RequestAccessEmail Attachments 1478 http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/itfrance First.last1@domain.com 0 1673 http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/PricingSupport First.last2@domain.com 0 1652 http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/POProjectMgmt First.last3@domain.com 0 1655 http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/POSTeam First.last4@domain.com 0 1741 http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/rsa6x First.last5@domain.com 0 1218 http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/EMEAProjectSupport First.last6@domain.com 0 65 http://projectsites.domain.com/sites/folsom First.last7@domain.com 0 1595 http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/NBPCA First.last8@domain.com 0 1664 http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/prepaiddev First.last9@domain.com 0 1634 http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/patchmgmt First.last10@domain.com 0 1961 http://os.domain.com/sites/manager First.last11@domain.com 0

ID Name URL 8 CFPB AuditsDOMAIN_e0117427.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/itfrance/home.aspx 9 St. Pete Legal DepartmentDOMAIN_e0117427.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/PricingSupport 10 Retail Contracts (7)DOMAIN_e0117427.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/POPProjectMgmt 11 China HR SharesDOMAIN_lc23494.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/ChinaHRShares 12 Client LoyaltyDOMAIN_e1033221.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/clientloyalty 13 eZoom! Human Resources R1.1DOMAIN_e1007952.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/ezoom-hr 14 IntercompanyDOMAIN_e0119924.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/intercoproject 15 NDMS Mentoring ProgramDOMAIN_e1033265.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/NDMSMentoring 16 Human ResourcesDOMAIN_e0015957.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/HR 17 International Human ResourcesDOMAIN_e1019184.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/GlobalHR 18 Site Title FSG Resource Central DOMAIN_e0102084.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/ResourceCentral/SitePages/Home.aspx 19 TAGDOMAIN_e1022064.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/TAG/SitePages/Home.aspx 20 WP Employee_Community EngagementDOMAIN_e1034583.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/WPEmpEngmt 21 Legal (6) - Root Site (reviewed all subsites except CID- DOJ- ACI 2011)DOMAIN_e0117427.xml http://legal.domain.com 22 Consulting Services Client PortalDOMAIN_e1035127.xml http://clientportal.domain.com/sites/consulting/default.aspx 23 YMCA Fitness ChallengeDOMAIN_e1035127.xml http://projectsites.domain.com/sites/Morgano/default.aspx 24 OSNETDOMAIN_e0000185.xml http://os.domain.com/Pages/default.aspx?sdupgwelredir=1 25 USVS_ Government SolutionsDOMAIN_e0113967.xml http://infoport.domain.com 26 Global ServicesDOMAIN_e0113967.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/GlobalSvcs/default.aspx 27 Check Training _ Quality ServicesDOMAIN_e0113967.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/QATrain 29 AutoSuites ArchiveDOMAIN_e0067145.xml http://sp-archives.domain.com/sites/autosuite/SitePages/Home.aspx 30 VCI Client SiteDOMAIN_e0067145.xml http://clientportal.domain.com/sites/VCI/SitePages/Home.aspx 31 VCI Internal SiteDOMAIN_e0067145.xml http://teamsites.domain.com/sites/VCI-IUO/SitePages/Home.aspx

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Can you show us what you have tried so far? An example of the output you would like to achieve would also be helpful. –  ron tornambe Mar 26 '13 at 15:15
You can use the query design window to get started. You can drag and drop fields to create a link, you can edit the link type with right-click, or you can edit from the ribbon. When you have an example, post it with notes on the problems. –  Fionnuala Mar 26 '13 at 15:19
You can use the Find Unmatched Query Wizard under the Query Wizard option for this task. –  Zaider Mar 26 '13 at 15:28
I tried the Find Unmatched Query Wizard, but it returns all records from the master table. I am assuming that this is because of the data type mismatch between the two URL fields. –  Chad Dybdahl Mar 26 '13 at 15:31
Edited question to include more detail. The Criteria formula is ([Internal Site Owners].Url<>[SP Permissions Cleanup Tracking].URL) I get an error when running the query: "Cannot join on Memo, OLE, or Hyperlink Object." –  Chad Dybdahl Mar 26 '13 at 15:35

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See if something like this works for you:

SELECT Distinct m.URL
FROM [Internal Site Owners] m, [SP Permissions Cleanup Tracking] s
WHERE s.URL Not Like "*" & m.URL & "*"

You will need to paste the sql in SQL View of the query design window.

The query asks for rows where the master URL is not like the subset URL, so "http://abc.domain.com" will match "http://abc.domain.com/home.apsx", but not "http://home.abc.domain.com". The format of a hyperlink type is usually display text#http://example.com#, so http://example.com in the master will match.

Edit re data and comments

query and tables


SELECT DISTINCT m.RequestedAccessEmail, m.URL
FROM [Internal Site Owners] AS m, [SP Permissions Cleanup Tracking] AS s
WHERE s.URL Not Like "*" & [m].[URL] & "*"

New version from sample data:

SELECT [Internal Site Owners].RequestAccessEmail FROM [Internal Site Owners] 
     SELECT [Internal Site Owners].ID
     FROM [Internal Site Owners], [SP Permissions Cleanup Tracking]
     WHERE [SP Permissions Cleanup Tracking].URL 
        Like "*" & [Internal Site Owners].[url] & "*")
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The SQL view makes a lot more sense to me. This is close to what I need (except that I need distinct RequestAccessEmail) but it seems to be returning exactly the same results as: SELECT DistinctAccessEmail FROM [Internal Site Owners] So it does not appear that the URL comparison is doing anything. –  Chad Dybdahl Mar 26 '13 at 16:15
What is your sql? The above is a comparison of URLs as mentioned in your post, where is DistinctAccessEmail coming from and what is it supposed to match? –  Fionnuala Mar 26 '13 at 16:17
I have: SELECT Distinct m.RequestAccessEmail FROM [Internal Site Owners] m, [SP Permissions Cleanup Tracking] s WHERE s.Url Not Like "*" & m.URL & "*"; The RequestAccessEmail is from [Internal Site Owners]. I am trying to generate a list of email addresses that do not have a matching URL in the SUBSET table. –  Chad Dybdahl Mar 26 '13 at 16:24
You will need to post some sample data. string comparison of this type is not exact. –  Fionnuala Mar 26 '13 at 16:29
You could always check the length of the 2 join fields and if there are less than or equal to 255 characters, change to text data type, then a join will be permitted. However, the hyperlink would have to be cleaned up. I do not use the hyperlink data type, it is far more trouble than it is worth. –  Fionnuala Mar 26 '13 at 16:31

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