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I have created an iOS app with Cordova targeting iOS 4.3 and up. I am using enterprise OTA to distribute the app. The app is installed on a server with a link to the plist file as follows.

<a href="itms-services://?action=download-manifest&amp;url=http://ww7.mysite.com/mobile/MyAppName.plist" style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; text-decoration: underline; font-size: xx-large; font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; color: #FF9900">Install App</a>

The app installs fine on iOS 6. On iOS 4.3 and 5.1 I am receiving the error "cannot connect to ww7.mysite.com"

When I use the iPhone Configuration Utility to look at the console when attempting to install the app I see the following error.

"Mar 26 11:00:00 iPhone itunesstored[302] : Could not load download manifest with underlying error: Error Domain=SSErrorDomain Code=1 "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" UserInfo=0x1c5645f0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Cannot connect to iTunes Store}"

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The OTA distribution mechanism and plist format has been very stable since iOS 4. You should not see an error like this assuming you have set everything up correctly. –  Mike Weller Mar 26 '13 at 16:42

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It turns out that during my build, when I reached the "Save For Enterprise" step which creates the .plist and .ipa file I was renaming the .ipa file. It looks like iOS 6 handled this renaming okay, while earlier versions of iOS would not accept a different name. Saving the .ipa file with the default name solved the problem.

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