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I've loaded approximately 15k documents into Solr of various sizes. The largest that I have measured is 59,455 characters of plain text. When I execute a query with highlighting and an unlimited fragment size, this large document is truncated to 51,253 (this includes my pre and post tags).

Here is the URL for the query:*,score&sort=score%20desc&hl=true&hl.fragsize=-1&hl.fl=note&hl.simple.pre=<hit>&</hit>&hl.q=corn&q=corn

Why is Solr still truncating?

I'm using Solr 4.0.

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You also need to bump up the value for hl.maxAnalyzedChars as this value is also limiting the highlighting result.

How many characters into a document to look for suitable snippets. This parameter makes sense for the original Highlighter only.

The default value is "51200".

You can assign a large value to this parameter and use hl.fragsize=0 to return highlighting in large fields that have size greater than 51200 characters.

So based on this change to hl.fragsize=0 and add a value larger than your longest document to the hl.max.analyzedChars parameter.

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