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Hmm i cant post a pick so I will try to describe.

So I am trying to share the Person or group information stored in the Reviewer field of the Reviewer list.

In my main List I have a business area that if it is "sales" should look up the reviewer (1 to 1 rel) and store his details in a variable. But the variables can only be String int etc, so I am wondering how best to reference this.

If I use a lookup on the Reviewer Field in Reviewers I get the Persons options { String Display Name Login Name Email Address }

But I want to collect data from the Person also later ??

can this be done ???

p.s. I need 2 more rep points to be able to post a photo :(

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Got around it by using the ID of the row and using that ID to look up the person on that row and return a String. On the dropdown as to what value to return email address was an option that I was trying to use but this didnt work and returning the Person as a strin

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