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I would download the google app engine datastore. I'm following several guides, but none of those helps me. My web.xml file is setted correctly for the use of remote_api. I have installed the python sdk and relative google appengine launcher.

I run these instructions in ../Google/google_appengine: --dump --application=appID --url= --filename=x.dump

The result is: "Have 11 entities, 0 previusly transferred"; "11 entities transferred in .. seconds"

But I don't find this file, so I don't know if the download is occurred. I have to create the .dump file previously or it is created automatically. I have the same problem also with the "--download_data" command.

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It works if change the --filename path (where it saves the .dump file). Probably ../Google/google_appengine folder is protected.

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