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I have a strange problem...

My Vaadin Application is working fine on my computer (locally). I just deployed the website and now I have a problem:

The <!Doctype html> tag in the first line is missing. I don't know why it is, but I think this is causing some problems, because the Website is being displayed in Quirks mode.

The funny thing is, when I run the application locally, the doctype tag is set.

I simply exported the application to a war file and deployed it.

I haven't found any soloution on the Internet so far...

Is this a Tomcat setting problem or anything else?

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Already found the problem!

I was using apache mod_proxy to handle my web application. The html doctype was not set in the proxy_html.conf. I simply had to define the ProxyHTMLDocType to HTML 5 in the proxy_html.conf.


ProxyHTMLDocType "<!DOCTYPE html>" // Sets the Doctype to HTML5

for further information just see:


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Sorry for posting this as an answer (I still cant comment posts :( ), but please make sure your local tomcat and production tomcat are the same version. You could also try not to package your project as a war file, but stop the server (if you are permitted of course) and copy the project yourself to make sure this is not a war-packaging issue

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