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I have had a problem with making javascript bookmarklets where the code inside contains both "" quotes and '' quotes. Say for example, my code was as follows,

        <title>Temporary HTML Doc</title>
        <a href="javascript:(function(){var a='something';var d='something_else'}());">Link</a>

I would then proceed to open up the HTML file and drag the link to the bookmarks bar. But, since the code has "" and '' quotes, whether or not I write the link as

<a href='javascript:(function(){var a="something";var d='something_else'}());">


<a href="javascript:(function(){var a="something";var d='something_else'}());">

, it is still cut off, and the link becomes useless.

So, how can I include code that requires "" and '' quotes to work?
This example isn't my actual code, but it should hold for this problem.

Wikipedia's page on Bookmarklets

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To include a " character in an attribute value delimited by " characters, you would normally represent it as an entity: &quot;

However, since this is a URL, you should encode it for the URL first: %22

See a live demo.

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Hmm good call, I don't know why I swear I've used escaping in the past. The syntax highlighting didn't look right on SO either :( – Ian Mar 26 '13 at 16:40
Thanks! It worked! I doubted that special characters would, but I guess I was wrong. That is the &quot; worked. – user2212329 Mar 26 '13 at 16:47

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