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I'm trying to use the parallel package in R for parallel operations rather than doSNOW since it's built-in and ostensibly the way the R Project wants things to go. I'm doing something wrong that I can't pin down though. Take for example this:

a <- rnorm(50)
b <- rnorm(50)

arr <- matrix(cbind(a,b),nrow=50)


This works just fine, producing the sums of my two columns. But if I try to bring in the parallel package:

nodes <- detectCores()
cl <- makeCluster(nodes)


It throws the error

2: In setup_parallel() : No parallel backend registered
3: executing %dopar% sequentially: no parallel backend registered 

Am I initializing the backend wrong?

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Try this setup:


nodes <- detectCores()
cl <- makeCluster(nodes)

aaply(ozone, 1, mean,.parallel=TRUE)


Since I have never used plyr for parallel computing I have no idea why this issues warnings. The result is correct anyway.

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The documentation for aaply states

.parallel: if ‘TRUE’, apply function in parallel, using parallel backend provided by foreach

so presumably you need to use the foreach package rather than the parallel package.

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