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I'm using RFX (Record Field Exchange) to move data from a ODBC data source to my Recordset object. Numbers are moved with RFX_Int (within DoFieldExchange) and apparently the database NULL (not a value) is mapped to a pseudo null value AFX_RFX_INT_PSEUDO_NULL. Unfortunately this sentinel value is defined as 0x7ee4 or 32484 in decimal. This value lies in the middle of the possible int number range and is a valid number to my application!

Following code part gives a wrong result with records containing the (valid) value 32484 in mainarticle.

std::vector<Article> getArticles() {
    std::vector<Article> res;
    CArticleRecordset tmp(&con.GetConnectedDB());
    while (!tmp.IsEOF()) {
        if (tmp.m_article.mainarticle == AFX_RFX_INT_PSEUDO_NULL)
            tmp.m_article.mainarticle = 0;
    return res;

How could I solve this?

The pseudo null values are defined in afxdb_.h (Visual Studio 2010):

#define AFX_RFX_LONG_PSEUDO_NULL (0x4a4d4120L)
#define AFX_RFX_BIGINT_PSEUDO_NULL (0x4a4d4120L)
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RFX_Int is poorly named, it was meant to be used with short integers. Use RFX_Long instead.

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RFX_Int expects int& as third parameter and RFX_Long expects &LONG, but with a temporary LONG variable within DoDataExchange and (after calling RFX_Long) assigning it to mainarticle, I can live with your suggestion. Thanks for your answer! –  Christian Ammer Mar 26 '13 at 17:48
@ChristianAmmer, in Microsoft land int and long are identical. And LONG is typedefed to long in WinNT.h. You shouldn't need the temporary. –  Mark Ransom Mar 26 '13 at 18:03

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