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I wanna extract some html from page Y

for example site is
<body>....<div id="ineedthis_code"> </div> ...</body>

it is possible to do this file_get_contents ?! i need only that div nothing else

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Have a look at this and use one of these libraries stackoverflow.com/questions/3577641/… –  Alexey Mar 26 '13 at 17:33
The above comment is a good answer to what you need. You say you need only a particular <div>, but you're going to need to collect the entire page anyways. It's then you can use DOM or phpQuery to specifically target your extracted content. –  MackieeE Mar 26 '13 at 17:40

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Without using a special library (which is the best way in most cases), you can use the explode-function:

$content = file_gets_content($url);
$first_step = explode( '<div id="ineedthis_code">' , $content ); // So you will get two array elements

$second_step = explode("</div>" , $first_step[1] ); // "1" depends, if you have more elements with this id (theoretical) 

echo $second_step[0]; // You will get the first element with the content within the DIV :)

Please note, it's only an example without error handling. It also works onlny on a special case; not if the html structure ist changing. Even simple spaces can break this code. So you should better use a parsing library ;-)

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