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I don't understand why the splice method isn't working for me. I have an array that looks like: (it is actually bigger but I didn't want to clutter the page)

var navItems = [ {
                    "content": "Panels",
                    "icon": "panels"
                    "content": "Samples",
                    "icon": "sample"

I want to insert an item say in the middle:

var testNavItems = navItems.splice(1, 0, {
                    "content": "New Nav",
                    "icon": "New Nav"


var testNavItems = navItems.push({
                    "content": "New Nav",
                    "icon": "New Nav"

I get an empty array. Is this possible in JS?

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.splice returns the elements which have been removed, .push returns the new length of the array. Always check the documentation. –  Felix Kling Mar 26 '13 at 18:43

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.push and .splice do not create a new array. They modify the original array.


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