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This is the firt time that I'm writing here. I have some problems with the JQuery animate: when the duration is really slow (for example, 10000) the movements are not smooth enought. I need a "natural" movement for my div. Does someone know a solution for my problem? Or could you advice me about what to do? Thanks!!!! The code is something like this:

function moveFoo(){
    var timeFoo = setInterval(function(){
        var $foo = $("#foo");
        $foo.animate({"top": "-=10px"}, 20000, "linear");
        $foo.animate({"top": "+=10px"}, 20000, "linear");
    }, 1);
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You should look into requestanimationframe and/or use a tweening engine that uses requestanimationframe. Timer based animations like those used in the jQuery tweening engine are not efficient and timers lead to inconsistent animation.

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thank you! I didn't know anything about that. I've been reading about requestAnimationFrame, and I've just tryed to make it work. However the animation isn't smoother. I'm testing it on Chrome: window.webkitRequestAnimationFrame(foo); Any idea? – Angel Mar 26 '13 at 19:51

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