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This is code for finding maximum in 3 but i want the code for finding maximum amoung 5:

Dim a, b, c As Integer

a = InputBox("enter 1st no.") 
b = InputBox("enter 2nd no.") 
c = InputBox("enter 3rd no.")

If a > b Then 
    If a > c Then 
        MsgBox("A is Greater") 
        MsgBox("C is greater") 
    End If 
    If b > c Then 
        MsgBox("B is Greater") 
        MsgBox("C is Greater")
    End If 
End If 
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As David suggested, keep your values in a list. That's easier than unsing individual variables and can be extended to as many values as requested (up to millions of values).

If you need to keep individual variables for some reason, do this:

Dim max As Integer = a
If b > max Then
    max = b
End If
If c > max Then
    max = c
End If
If d > max Then
    max = d
End If
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Greate !! this is what i need – sangeen Mar 28 '13 at 18:48

Put the values into an array and use the Max function on IEnumerable:

'Requires Linq for Max() function extension
Imports System.Linq
'This is needed for List
Imports System.Collections.Generic

' Create a list of Long values. 
Dim longs As New List(Of Long)(New Long() _
                                   {4294967296L, 466855135L, 81125L})

' Get the maximum value in the list. 
Dim max As Long = longs.Max()

' Display the result.
MsgBox("The largest number is " & max)

' This code produces the following output: 
' The largest number is 4294967296
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To answer the OP you should return the index of the largest. – bradgonesurfing Mar 26 '13 at 18:39
@bradgonesurfing: I thought about that, yes. Really this is just copied/pasted from the linked MSDN page. Though it's not really clear from the OP's code what he's actually doing or why. It is clear, however, that there's much room for improvement. – David Mar 26 '13 at 18:48
Hes a newb for sure but his code does give the letter index of the max number. Its actually not as trivial to do on IEnumerable as you might think. Google MaxBy – bradgonesurfing Mar 26 '13 at 19:04
IMPORTANT Please note the .Max() function requires the Imports System.Linq – SSpoke Sep 10 '15 at 17:05

A simple solution for you,

Dim xMaxNo As Integer
Dim xTemp As Integer

For i as integer = 1 To 5
   xTemp =  InputBox("enter No: " & i)
   xMaxNo = if(xTemp > xMaxNo, xTemp, xMaxNo)

MsgBox("The Highest Number is " & xMaxNo)
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