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This statement works fine when I run it in SQL developer, however, when I try and run it through the connection manager like this, I keep getting "table or view not found". I was wondering if this is because there might be a different syntax rule with connection manager or what? Does anyone have any insight into what the problem might be? Thanks.

ps = con.prepareStatement("select receipts.ordernumber, receipts.part, receipts.location,, 
                           receipts.orderqty,  receipts.supplier, receipts.mfr, receipts.mfrpart, 
                           receipts.ponumber, orders.poline, orders.porelease, orders.price, 
                           orders.uom, orders.currency_r, orders.datecreated, orders.datelate, 
                           orders.approval_time, orders.userid, orders.buyer, orders.note_r, 
                           orders.qtyopen, orders.orderstate, supplier.accountnumber, 
                           CASE WHEN delivery.method = 'EDI' and delivery.process = 'ORDER' THEN 'YES' ELSE 'NO' END AS EDI, 
                           receipts.userid " +
"from receipts, orders, supplier, delivery " + 
"where receipts.customerix=43 and 
       orders.wip_order = 1 and supplier.suppliercode = orders.supplier and 
       supplier.customerix = orders.customerix and 
       delivery.supplierix = supplier.supplierix and 
       receipts.consigned = '1' and 
       orders.custordernumber(+) = receipts.ordernumber AND 
       orders.CUSTOMERIX(+) = receipts.CUSTOMERIX and 
       receipts.exported=0 and 
       order by receipts.ordernumber");

            statement = update.prepareStatement(" update receipts set export_active = 1 where receiptix in " +
                "(SELECT receipts.receiptix FROM pours.receipts, pours.orders, pours.supplier " +
                "WHERE receipts.customerix =7021 AND orders.wip_order = 1 AND supplier.suppliercode = orders.supplier " +
                "AND supplier.customerix = orders.customerix " +
                "AND receipts.consigned = '1' AND orders.custordernumber(+) = receipts.ordernumber " +
                "AND orders.CUSTOMERIX(+) = receipts.CUSTOMERIX AND receipts.exported = 0)");
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Are you sure your Java connection is connecting to the same schema that you connect to in SQL Developer? – GriffeyDog Mar 26 '13 at 19:45
@GriffeyDog Yeah, I am. I have a couple of other queries in this file and one of them seems to work while the other two are also having this problem. I thought it might be like this problem here but I'm not inserting any data in it or anything, just running the query. – user1582340 Mar 28 '13 at 16:13

Have a look here:

Also, try making simpler queries to see if you can access data in the tables;

Regards! /Thomas

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I Think you went wrong with the DBName, for the connection..Check once you had given the correct Database for the connection

You only gets this error when your Database Doesnt have this Tables

DB_DRIVER = "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver";
DB_CONNECTION = "jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:DBName";
DB_USER = "user";
DB_PASSWORD = "password";
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