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I am writing a plugin for Stata in C++, and it seems to me that accessing the data depends on the order of variables passed to the plugin, as SF_vdata() only takes integer arguments to index the variables.

The best solution I have at the moment, is to first run ds, store the macro containing all variable names, and then call my plugin. My plugin can then search the macro for the variable that it is interested in, and get the index base don its position in the list.

This works, but I would like my plugin not to depend on certain Stata commands being run first. I know this is silly, as the plugin requires the dataset to be formatted in a specific way, but something feels wrong about first having to call ds and store a macro before calling my plugin.

Is there anyway to access the order of variable names from inside the plugin if ds is not called first?

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Plugins were supported by StataCorp largely because some people were vocal that they wanted or needed them, but the public uptake was very small. (There may well have been exceptions inside large firms or institutions developing code purely for internal use.) Either way -- and I know this is unlikely to be the answer you seek -- my guess is that you would find it much, much easier to use Mata for what you want. The support for plugins is essentially minimal, as you have discovered, a largely chicken-and-egg matter as so few user-programmers ever wrote any or showed interest in writing any. –  Nick Cox Mar 26 '13 at 19:25

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