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I am having some trouble consuming a Web Service with ColdFusion 9 (peer not authenticated).

First, I'm going to try importing the cert into ColdFusion's underlying Java keystore. If that doesn't work, I'm going to try to fiddle with ColdFusion's security provider.

But my questions are more specific...


How do I export the cert (at the right level) in Chrome (or Linux CLI), and in which format?


I have seen some instructions for exporting a cert from a browser, but they have been for IE (old versions, at that), and I would prefer to use Chrome, because I'm on Linux.

In order to get to the screen shot, below, I:

  • Click the lock icon next to the URL
  • "Connection" tab (shows "The identity of this website has been verified by Thawte SSL CA")
  • Click "Certificate Information Link"
  • "Details" tab

Screen Shot of Chrome's Certificate Export Dialog

From there, I am able to export at one of four levels:

  • Builtin Object Token:Thawte Premium Server CA
  • thawte Primary Root CA
  • Thawte SSL CA
  • sb1.geolearning.com

Which one is appropriate?

Also, Adobe's documentation says "The certificate must be an X.509 certificate in Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER) format.", and Chrome's export dialog offers these options:

  • Base64-encoded ASCII, single certificate
  • Base64-encoded ASCII, certificate chain
  • DER-encoded binary, single certificate
  • PKCS #7, single certificate
  • PKCS #7, certificate chain
  • All Files

I assume "DER-encoded binary, single certificate" is appropriate?

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The following generated a certificate that I was able to import using keytool:

  • Level: sb1.geolearning.com
  • File Type: DER-encoded binary, single certificate

For posterity, here was the command used to import:

sudo keytool -import -keystore /opt/jrun4/jre/lib/security/cacerts -alias "sb1.geolearning.com (Thawte SSL CA)" -storepass changeit -noprompt -trustcacerts -file ~/Downloads/sb1.geolearning.com
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