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I have an empty temp table and want to insert data from another table, but the date column in temp has date type, and the column in usomultiple is a varchar.

If I try to convert using the to_date() function, I get an ERROR because thousands of cells were saved with ' / / ' as empty value.

ERROR: the value «/ » is not valid «dd»

    SELECT  um.cd_uso, um.ds_estado,to_date(um.dt_dateIn, 'dd/MM/yyyy')
    FROM usomultiple um;

How I can set null instead of ' / / ' and the correct value when the cell is poblated?

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TO_DATE(NULLIF(dt_dateIn, '//'), 'dd/MM/yyyy')
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I Added with the blank spaces and it works thank's –  Julio Muñoz Mar 27 '13 at 11:59

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