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I'm a beginner in SubSonic and I'm using version 2.1. I'd like to perform a left join in this query. The query looks like:

select ... 
from tableA
left join tableB on tableA.Cola=tableB.Colb and tableB.Colc='some value'

I want to know how to perform the and tableB.Colc='some value' condition. I tried something like this:

new SubSonic.Select().From("tableA").LeftOuterJoin
("tableB","Colb","tableA","Cola").AndExpression("Colc").IsEqualTo("some value")

but the generated statement is not what I wanted.

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This may not be exactly what you want , but the best way to do things like this in subsonic is with views, So create the select as a view and then use the view object in your code. In 3+ the linq makes it alot easier to accomplish what you are trying

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It looks to me like the and part of your query should really be a where condition (you're trying to filter your results based on the value of tableB.Colc being equal to 'some value'). So what I think your sql query should look like is:

select ... 
  from tableA left join tableB on tableA.Cola=tableB.Colb 
  where tableB.Colc='some value' or tableB.Colc is null

If that is the case then in SubSonic you would do:

new SubSonic.Select()
   .From("tableA").LeftOuterJoin ("tableB","Colb","tableA","Cola")
   .Where("Colc").IsEqualTo("some value")
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Thank you very much! –  user2354146 Oct 15 '09 at 1:03

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