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First of all, I really like Dart and keep trying to use it in real projects, but then I hit problems like this one where every other web framework has an obvious solution but I can't figure out how to make it work in Dart.

The problem is I would like to render multiple pages using a single base template where I can set the title of the page on the server and then serve the page to the browser.

Something simple like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>{{ custom_title }}</title>
  {{ page_content }}
  <footer>Hey, Seth Ladd!</footer>

Where I would then pass the template variables which would replace {{ custom_title }} and {{ page_content }} before being sent back to the browser. Does such a templating solution exist anywhere in the core dart libraries?

I've looked at the Web Components / Web UI stuff, but it appears that it's not possible to have components which live outside of the <body> tag. I could also alter this easily on the client side, but it's a little dirtier of a solution and raises some SEO concerns (since title is such an important indicator of page content).

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Try out mustache, a Dart implementation of mustache templates, a widely used templating syntax, with implementations in a number of languages.

Here's an example:

import 'package:mustache/mustache.dart';

main() {
    var source = '{{#names}}<div>{{lastname}}, {{firstname}}</div>{{/names}}';
    var template = new Template(source);
    var output = template.renderString({'names': [
        {'firstname': 'Greg', 'lastname': 'Lowe'},
        {'firstname': 'Bob', 'lastname': 'Johnson'}

The Dart team is currently focused on client side development, so many basic server-side features are missing in the core libraries. However take a look at pub, there are a number of community maintained packages available.

Also see this similar package: mustache4dart.

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