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I 'm getting a SIGNAL 11 in this line:

// Call bool isInternetConnection()
jboolean jReturnValue = env->CallBooleanMethod(mClass,mid);

in this piece of code:

 * Check if Internet Connection is ONLINE
bool InterfaceJNI::isInternetConnected()
    JavaVM* jvm = JniHelper::getJavaVM();
    int status;
    JNIEnv *env;
    jmethodID mid;

    bool isAttached = false;
    bool returnValue = false;

    CCLog("InterfaceJNI isInternetConnected");

    // Get Status
    status = jvm->GetEnv((void **) &env, JNI_VERSION_1_6);

    if(status < 0)
        CCLog("isInternetConnected Status < 0 Failed to get JNI Enviroment!!!");
        status = jvm->AttachCurrentThread(&env, NULL);
        CCLog("isInternetConnected Status 2: %d", status);
        if(status < 0)
            CCLog("isInternetConnected Status < 0 !!!");
            return false;
        isAttached = true;
        CCLog("isInternetConnected Status isAttached: %d", isAttached);

    CCLog("isInternetConnected Status: %d", status);

    CCLog("isInternetConnected Finding Class....");
    jclass mClass = env->FindClass("org/example/SocialNetwork/CCSocialNetwork");

    // Get Static bool isInternetConnection()
    CCLog("isInternetConnected Getting method....");
    mid = env->GetMethodID(mClass, "isInternetConnection", "()Z");
    if (mid == 0)
        CCLog("isInternetConnected FAIL GET METHOD STATIC");
        return false;
    CCLog("isInternetConnected Calling method....");
    // Call bool isInternetConnection()
    jboolean jReturnValue = env->CallBooleanMethod(mClass,mid);
    CCLog("Call done ");
    // Convert value from Java to C++
    returnValue = (bool)jReturnValue;
    CCLog("isInternetConnected Done ");


    // Change for return value
    return returnValue;

But I don't know why. If I make a void call with a "()V" works fine, but when I try to call a function which return a bool no.

What is going on?

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Is it a static method or not? Your comments in the code indicate that it is static while your method calls do not.

If it is NOT static then you will have to call the CallBooleanMethod with an object and not the class like you do now. Otherwise you will have to use CallStaticBooleanMethod with the class.

jobject someObject = <get or create the object somehow>
jboolean jReturnValue = env->CallBooleanMethod(someObject,mid);


jboolean jReturnValue = env->CallStaticBooleanMethod(mClass,mid);

Either way you will have to decide whether to use static methods or not.

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It is not a static method. I Tried before using Static method, but I had the SIGNAL BUS problem as you know, so, I changed my Java function and now is non-static. The point is, What object is requested by the function? –  Piperoman Mar 27 '13 at 12:49
The object needed is the object to run the method on. someObject.isInternetConnected() in Java. –  maba Mar 27 '13 at 12:51

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