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I'm a C++ developer with an experience and now I want to get some experience of Windows Phone 8 development.I don't like and don't know C# but I heard and read that WinPhone 8 supports native code and C++ e.g. for DirectX development.But I'm interested will I be able to use C++ for any kind of WinPhone 8 application and can I be a WinPhone 8 developer without applying and using C#/.NET?Or C++ has only limited support and I nevertheless have to learn C#?

Thanks in advance.

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as a side comment, i never understood not liking something you dont know –  im so confused Mar 26 '13 at 21:05
Yes, C++11 is a first class citizen on Phone8. There's a learning curve, you'll need to use the WinRT api to make OS calls. That's only not painful if you use the C++/CX language extension. Just try it with VS2012 and a handful of samples. –  Hans Passant Mar 26 '13 at 21:23

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Yes you can use it as a primary development language. That being said your experience is going to be much better is you use C# because it is what the development tools (WPF designer) intend you to use. Additionally in industry I think you will be hard pressed to find people who want general purpose apps written in C++ simply because you don't like C#.

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