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Here is my problem, I want to know actual length of the text in pixels (note that various letters have different length in some fonts). I am going to use this for better column width adjustment in DBGrid.

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You can use the Canvas.TextWidth and Canvas.TextHeight functions.

Option 1, using the canvas of the control

WidthInPixels := Label1.Canvas.TextWidth('My Text');

Option 2, creating a temporary canvas (using a Tbitmap)

Function GetWidthText(const Text:String; Font:TFont) : Integer;
  LBmp: TBitmap; 
  LBmp := TBitmap.Create;
   LBmp.Canvas.Font := Font;
   Result := LBmp.Canvas.TextWidth(Text); 
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Bet me too it by 10 secs! –  Gerry Coll Oct 14 '09 at 7:30

if you have a Delphi component has a "Canvas" property, then you can use Component.Canvas.TextWidth. For example: to get the width of the text of DBGrid you can use:


Here you can find complete reference about this issue: Length of Delphi string in pixels

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