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I'm not happy with the rendering of HTML by Swing's JEditorPane. In particular bullets for unordered lists are hideous. Customising the rendering seems extremely difficult. Therefore I'm looking for a replacement with better HTML rendering.

Does this exist? (I asked Google, and found nothing except a promising dead link).

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Something that I looked at extensively a while back - and there are many options - however I nearly ended up using, but then the project was cancelled so I can't tell you how it all turned out...

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Cobra works well for my needs. I wish the jar was a little smaller though. – Steve McLeod Oct 1 '08 at 8:55

Cobra did the trick. Almost a drop-in replacement for JEditorPane, with very nice HTML rendering. One complaint: it's a big jar to add to my little application.

Thanks for the responses.

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Take a look at SwingBox.

SwingBox is a Java Swing component that allows displaying the (X)HTML documents including the CSS support. It is designed as a JEditorPane replacement with considerably better rendering results. SwingBox is pure Java and it is using the CSSBox rendering engine for rendering the documents.

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