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I have a celery task that, when called, simply ignites the execution of some parallel code inside a twisted reactor. Here's some sample (not runnable) code to illustrate:

def run_task_in_reactor():
   # this takes a while to run

def run_task():
   print "Started reactor"

(For the sake of simplicity, please assume that the reactor is already running when the task is received by the worker; I used the signal @worker_process_init.connect to start my reactor in another thread as soon as the worker comes up)

When I call run_task.delay(), the task finishes pretty quickly (since it does not wait for run_task_in_reactor() to finish, only schedules its execution in the reactor). And, when run_task_in_reactor() finally runs, do_something() or do_something_more() can throw an exception, which will go unoticed.

Using pika to consume from my queue, I can use an ACK inside do_something_more() to make the worker notify the correct completion of the task, for instance. However, inside Celery, this does not seems to be possible (or, at least, I do't know how to accomplish the same effect)

Also, I cannot remove the reactor, since it is a requirement of some third-party code I'm using. Other ways to achieve the same result are appreciated as well.

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Use reactor.blockingCallFromThread instead.

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please explain where and how to use it, even including the codd of the question – Mauricio Gracia Gutierrez May 19 '15 at 1:22
@MauricioGracia It's really just reactor.blockingCallFromThread instead of reactor.callFromThread in the code of the question. – Artur Gaspar May 19 '15 at 1:24

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