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Is it possible to use a "select" query inside the "Insert" query, But the condition is i want to use the same table name for both "select" and "Insert" query.
For Example
mysql> insert into sample_elements (name,position,ownerel) values ('Namespace1', select id from sample_elements where name='Namespace1',0);

Please guide me on this.

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Change your insert to look like the following :

insert into sample_elements (name,position,ownerel) select 'Namespace1',id,0 from sample_elements where name='Namespace1';

Basically instead of using values only use the select statement and insert the harcoded values as columns

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insert into sample_elements
     ( name, position, ownerel )
select 'Namespace1',
  from sample_elements sel
 where sel.name = "Namespace1";
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I think you can do it. You can use:

INSERT INTO table (..fields) SELECT ..fields.. FROM table;
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I don't know mysql but can you try the following ?

insert into sample_elements select name, id, 0 from sample_elements where name='Namespace1'
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I am not sure. I think this insert inside select for finding already exists or for what purpose.


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here is another format that will work, using the 'SET' construct. I prefer this format for most of my SQL as the field names are paired with the values - makes maintenance much easier than field/value lists which depend totally on positioning.

INSERT INTO sample_elements SET
name = 'Namespace1',
position = (SELECT id FROM sample_elements WHERE name='Namespace1'),
ownere1 = 0;
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