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I want to start my own file storage/backup service like Dropbox, Skydrive, Box etc. I have 60000 customers. I want to give each customer 1GB free space (lifetime). That means I need 60TB of storage. I will increase space for more users time to time. I want my file backup service to be cloud based, redundancy. Can you please tell me how many servers & how powerful servers it's needed? Also, what equipment, accessories it's needed to make a powerful service? From where I can buy them with best price? Please tell me. Also, if you have other information regarding file backup/storage service, it will be helpful for me please. Also feel free to ask me :)

Also : Is it possible to start my service with Amazon Glacier plan? Does it(Glacier) support redundancy? What is the price for 60TB with redundancy? I am Not sure about bandwidth (ignorant about it :). Or, how much it will cost per month or year for 20TB or 60TB with bandwidth cost to start my service. Please tell me. I am not sure about total pricing with Storage, Request, Data transfer.

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If you are trying to host your own service, you can get powerful, high-density servers from SuperMicro, Dell or online from www.45drives.com. You can install object storage software (e.g. Cloudian Community Edition http://www.cloudian.com/get-started.html) on these servers to create a redundant object storage system. Finally, you need an application like Cloudberry to provide the file storage/backup service you are referring to.

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Yhank You so much :) @J Storage –  Atik Mar 27 '13 at 8:38

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