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I have a Raphael paper works like google map.

There is a main content just like a map, and many overlay attach on top of it, just like those pin and markers on google map.

So when I zooming, I want the main content to be zoomed, and those overlay need move to the correct position but stay the orignal size. (For example, in google map, when I zoom a city, those overlay will always attach to the correct address with same size on screen).

I am currently create thousands of papers, and keep maintain their position manually when zooming happen. but this cause lots of work. So I am interesting to know if it is possible to draw everything in a single paper. and just do some magic to stop those element be resized when zoom happend. Something like:

    paper.rect(0, 0, 10, 10).attr({resize: false})
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You only need two papers. Put one on top of the other. When zooming the bottom paper, use setViewBox. On the top paper, recalculate the positions and translate (.transform('T...)) each element.

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I am hoping can avoid calculate positions, because I also deal with lots of drag and move. Is there any way can let the paper it self to handle positions? –  xzhang Mar 26 '13 at 22:23

That's not possible. Even if you set resize:false magically, you'll need to move each marker to a new position.

I can give you a function which I use by myself:

markAdjustPosition : function(mark){
        var w = mark.data('width');
        var h = mark.data('height');
        var dx = w/2 - w/(2*_data.scale);
        var dy = h - h/_data.scale;
        mark.attr({width: w/(_data.scale), height: h/(_data.scale)}).transform('t'+dx+','+dy);

This function will reposition markers considering that marker's target point is on middle of bottom edge (like markers in Google Maps).

mark wich you pass to this function is Raphael's Element. You have to add correct default width/height to it in the beginning:

Mark.data("width") = 12;
Mark.data("height") = 24;

_data is my global object for all data in the plugin and _data.scale is currect scale (which you'll need to calculate on each zoom level).

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