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I have an app that uses rsync to push. To use git, I went into .dotcloud/config and changed

    "push_branch": null,
    "push_protocol": "rsync"


    "push_branch": "some_branch",
    "push_protocol": "git"

However, now when I try to push:

$ dotcloud push
==> Pushing code with git, branch some_branch from "./" to application myapp
Error: Unable to spawn git

What did I do wrong? I couldn't find docs to change the push protocol.

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Is it a bit as in… (ssh key issue)? – VonC Mar 27 '13 at 7:13

The correct way to use the git protocol is to do something like

dotcloud connect --git appname [--branch branchname]

in the directory where dotcloud.yml resides.

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