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I just wonder to create the equivalent linq or lambda expression for the following sql query statement :

select(sum(a.credit) - sum(a.debit)) as total 
from table_A a inner join table_B b on 
a.accountid = b.id 
where a.[date] >= '2013-01-01' 
and a.[date] < '2013-03-27' 
and b.Name = 'MKBank'

Any help is appreciated.

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What have you tried so far? – Dan Bracuk Mar 26 '13 at 22:49
i tried var p = db.Account_Transaction.join(db.Accounts,o=>o.AccountId,p=>p.ID,(o,p)=>new{o,p}).‌​where(o=>o.o.Date >= '2013-01-01' && o.o.Date < '2013-03-31').GroupBy(grp=>new{grp.o.debit,grp.o.credit}).select(result=>new {result.sum(o=>o.o.credit-o=>o.o.debit)}); but i got an error like invalid anonymous declarator etc. – John Hadikusumo Mar 27 '13 at 0:14

This should work:

            var qr = from a in lA
                 join b in lB on a.Id equals b.Id
                 where a.Date >= new DateTime(2013, 1, 1) &&
                 a.Date < new DateTime(2013, 3, 7) &&
                 b.Name == "MKBank"
                 select new
                     cr = a.credit,
                     db = a.debit

        var res = qr.Sum((x) => x.cr - x.db);
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Thanks for the help but i tried and it seems it is not giving me any result at all. – John Hadikusumo Mar 27 '13 at 0:13

The error you're seeing is because of how you're declaring your anonymous type in the final select. You will need to specify the a member name if you want to specify anything other than a property name to select from. Read Anonymous Types (C# Programming Guide) for more details.

You also have a few other issues with your query. You also cannot compare DateTime and string values so you should construct your date parameters before passing them to your query. You shouldn't need to do any .GroupBy or a .Select either if you just want the total for one account. Finally o => o.o.credit - o => o.o.debit will not compile. I think what you want is o => o.o.credit - o.o.debit.

Try this instead:

DateTime beginDate = ...
DateTime endDate = ...
p = db.Account_Transaction.Join(
        o => o.AccountId, 
        p => p.ID,
        (o, p) => new { o, p })
    .‌Where(o => o.o.Date >= beginDate && o.o.Date < endDate && o.p.Name == "MKBank")
    .Sum(o => o.o.credit - o.o.debit); 
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