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I have an array that looks like this:

nodes = ['server1','server1','server2']

In a chef recipe I need to convert into a set before I pass to a template erb. How do I do that?

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This pattern works with Set, Matrix, JSON etc.; it is the first thing to try.

require 'set'
nodes = ['server1','server1','server2']
p nodes.to_set # #<Set: {"server1", "server2"}>
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what does the 'p' do? – Tampa Mar 26 '13 at 23:42
The p is a method for coders - what do I have here?; it is short-hand for puts nodes.to_set.inspect. It is used here only for demonstrating the results of the to_set method. – steenslag Mar 26 '13 at 23:47

if you want to make it unique (as a set is unique) but still as an array, you can use |[]

nodes = ['server1','server1','server2']
# or nodes |= [] # for inplace operation

# => ["server1", "server2" ]
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