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I have a form on my website, that uses an array to submit checkbox data. I then try to manipulate that data with a foreach loop to add a ":" to each checkbox data, and then I want to make that into a single string I can insert into a database.

This is my HTML code:

while($row = $result->fetch_assoc())
echo '<tr><td><input type="checkbox" name="pluginlist[]" value="'.$row['plugin'].'" /></td><td> '.$row['plugin'].'</td></tr>';

$row['plugin'] is data from a different table in the database.

This is my PHP code that $_POST the data, and then runs the foreach loop:

if(!empty($_POST['pluginlist'])) {
        foreach($_POST['pluginlist'] as $plugins) {
            $plugins1 = $plugins.":";
            echo $plugins1;

The echo $plugins1 only echos the last checkbox data with a ":" on the end.

How can I make it so I can insert all the checkbox data into a database at once?

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should be $plugins1 .= $plugins . ':"; in other words, you are not appending the previous string - missing .= . note you could use implode without a loop: $plugins1=implode(':',$_POST['pluginslist']); – Youn Elan Mar 27 '13 at 0:07

You can serialize the data, I find that much more convenient!

Or you can try

$plugins1 = implode(":" , $_POST['pluginlist']);
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Concatenate the values. Otherwise you're assigning a new value to $plugins1 at each iteration.

$plugins1 .= $plugins.':'; // Correct - note the extra dot before the equal sign

And not:

$plugins1 = $plugins.':'; // Incorrect - would "reset" the value each time

Alternatively, you can also use implode to concatenate all array values to a single string:

$plugins1 = implode(':', $_POST['pluginlist'])
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Is this what you're trying to do? I might not have understood your problem. The dot before the equals will concat but you might just want to implode.

$plugins1 = '';
if(!empty($_POST['pluginlist'])) {
        foreach($_POST['pluginlist'] as $plugins) {
            $plugins1 .= $plugins.":";
echo $plugins1;
echo "<br />or<br/ >";
$plugins2 = implode ($_POST['pluginlist'], ':');
echo $plugins2;
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Heh, I forgot they changed the arguments on implode... It should be glue and then array, but fortunately the function fixes this up for you. I guess the answer is answered before I could finish typing. – Vex Mage Mar 27 '13 at 0:11

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