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I have created a simple search form with the ability to search for an individual Box reference number. The output is a report with the box number (or list of box numbers when the search returns multiple matches). For example searching for ABC111, returns a report like:

Box      Description
ABC1110  Stuff
ABC1114  More stuff
ABC1119  Even more stuff

I use the following Criteria in my Search_Query

Like "*" & [forms]![Search_form]![Boxref] & "*"

But my customer wants to paste a list of boxes in the BOX Ref field like: ABC1110, ADF1234, AGT2112

...and have the report display like this:

Box      Description
ABC1110  Stuff
ADF1234  Cool stuff
AGT2112  More cool stuff

What criteria command do I need to write to achieve this?

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You can use it this way

IN ("*ABC1110*","*ADF1234*","*AGT2112*")

or if you want you can use the textboxes of the search form

Criteria ="In ("
with [forms]![Search_form]
    Criteria = Criteria & "*" & ![Boxref1] & "*"
    Criteria = Criteria & ",*" & ![Boxref2] & "*"
    Criteria = Criteria & ",*" & ![Boxref3] & "*"
end with
Criteria = Criteria & ")"

Or even write a loop to do it

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