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CLR profiler does not seem to work with the Silverlight CLR. Does another memory profiler exist?

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Doesn't seem to be one available yet. However, as recommended in this forum thread, you can convert your Silverlight app to a WPF application and profile that:

There is no tool as of now but as a workaround you can easily create a desktop (WPF) version of your Silverlight client from the same code base and few tweaks (refer Scot's blog for an example on this - http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/pages/silverlight-tutorial-part-8-creating-a-digg-desktop-application-using-wpf.aspx) . Once you are done with this you can run any performance profiler that works with WPF.

Not an optimal solution, but it sounds like the best option for now...

Update: Just saw a blog post about XPerf which is a cpu sampler for Silverlight. Not exactly a memory profiler but a good tool for testing the performance of Silverlight apps...

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Try using Atologic SilverProfiler. Available at www.atologic.com.

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This doesn't appear to be a memory profiler, but a performance profiler. –  Aardvark Apr 30 '10 at 19:11

Standalone CLR profiler has been updated to work with Silverlight so you don't need to have VS Premium/Ultimate.


UI isn't that great, but it works.

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.NET Memory Profiler starting from version 4.0 supports Silverlight profiling.

Highly recommend.

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I use free XTE Profiler which also works with Silverlight Standard and Out of Browser applications. Shows live memory usage as well.

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Try this one, it is very useful:



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Use Silverlight Spy
It has a Memory Profiler built in
alt text

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Silverlight Spy will show you the current memory usage, but gives no indication of what types are using that memory. If you're trying to debug a memory leak for example, it is of no help. –  Drew Noakes Sep 26 '11 at 16:09

Here is memory profiling in silverlight using Xperf.

Get GC Information

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Though not a full blown profiler with a yummy GUI, you could use Windbg + SOS to debug your silverlight app, it would require a lot of manual work, but you can then walk your managed heap.

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