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here is an example of what my code needs to do:

encrypt('7521068493', '123')
# returns '521'

The first string is the key which replaces 0-9 for example 7 is 0, 5 is 1, 2 is 2, 1 is 3, and so on.

The second string is the string that needs to be encrypted.

here is what my code is:

def encrypt(key, string):
    for i in range(len(key)):
        string in i

I cannot figure it out

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must be homework this is the same question someone posted a few days ago… – Joran Beasley Mar 27 '13 at 2:20
Same question indeed, but voting against closing as duplicate, as the other question does not have an accepted answer. – Junuxx Mar 27 '13 at 9:22
def encrypt(key, msg):
    cypher = {x: y for x, y in zip('0123456789', key)}
    encrypted = []
    for c in msg:
    return ''.join(encrypted)
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I like @Peter's solution. You can save memory by not creating the encrypted list and time by not appending in each loop.

def encrypt(key, msg):
    cypher = {x: y for x, y in zip('0123456789', key)}
    return ''.join(cypher[c] for c in msg) 

Things that take a list or generator as an argument can be passed what's called a 'generator comprehension' as their argument, instead of a list itself. This saves having to build that list separately, and many would agree it's easier to read. This will mainly help performance only if your msg is long.

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