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The WebBrowser class in System.Windows.Forms does not handle the DrawtoBitmap method correctly as stated on msdn.

I wish to override the OnPrint method and perform my own drawing code.

I have tried overriding the OnPrint(PrintEventArgs e) method in the WebBrowser class and the code is called, but printing does not change.

I have also tried capturing the WM_PRINT method (0x317) and then creating my own Graphics from the message handle. I have tried Using NativeMethods such as BeginPaint, SelectObject and EndPaint. Again the code is called but the printing does not change.

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Override the WndProc(ref Message m) method.

if (m.Msg == 0x317 || m.Msg == 0x318) //WM_PRINT, WM_PRINTCLIENT
    using (Graphics g = Graphics.FromHdc(m.WParam))
        //Draw here
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