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Anyone have any experience using JMeter and Oracle AQ? I'm trying to publish messages to the Oracle AQ queue using JMS Publisher but the only information I have is from a bindings file.

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First, read this documentation (Oracle® Fusion Middleware Configuring and Managing JMS for Oracle WebLogic Server, Chapter 8: Interoperating with Oracle AQ JMS), it provides you what you need to know about AQ user permission grants, AQ JMS Connection Factories names, and AQ Remote JNDI JMS Destination names. It does say WebLogic, but they use the very same config we do.

  1. Put Oracle JDBC jar (ojdbc6.jar) and Oracle AQ jar (aqapi.jar, found in Weblogic's $WL_HOME/server/lib) in JMeter's lib dir.

  2. Create a jndi.properties file with the following entries:

    db_url=Your Oracle DB instance JDBC URL
  3. Put the jndi.properties into a jar with

    jar cf my-jndi-properties.jar jndi.properties

    and put it in that same JMeter lib dir.

  4. Create a JMS Publisher in JMeter, and fill these:

    1. Check "Use jndi.properties file"
    2. Connection Factory: See Table 8-1 and put a AQ JMS Prefix Value. Don't use the generic factories.
    3. Destination: Either Queues/Your_Queue_Name or Topics/Your_Topic_Name
    4. Uncheck "Use Authorization?"

    Fill out what else you need.

  5. Have fun.

Thanks David L for the jndi.properties info.

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