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Cygwin has a home directory where I can store a .vimrc file to set up syntax highlighting. I know on linux machines this file is usually in a home directory and that it can be stored globally (although I haven't figure out how the global thing works yet).

I'm windows user (I apologize), so I use different shells for different things, and am not all too sure why syntax highlighting is not working when I launch it from the git bash shell. It works fine for cygwin and for putty. but not so much for git's mingw32.

Another thing is that when I ssh to a remote server using cygwin, I cannot use Vim, but I can use Vim just fine when I connect using Putty's shell.

Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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Git bash uses MSYSGIT, which comes with its own Vim . One way to look it up -

In your git bash type

$ type vim

it will tell you which vim executable is used. In my machine it points to


if you type

vim --version, it spits out a lot of environment.

pipe it to a grep, like this

vim --version | grep vimrc and this will tell you the location(s) where this instance of vim will look for vimrc.

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Ok... thanks for that info. It also is using the executable from /bin/vim, but the root is not really the root of my windows machine, it's the root of msysgit. I knew this before, and found a vimrc in the /etc folder which I used to copy to my home directory. When type in the grep command, it says: system vimrc file: $VIM\vimrc; user vimrc file: $HOME\_vimrc; 2nd user vimrc file: $VIM\_vimrc. All of these files have the same setting that I used for cygwin, but syntax highlighting still isn't working – laserface Mar 27 '13 at 3:41

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