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Using the same theme, .tmux-powerlinerc, and .tmux.conf, my tmux-powerline status line works in Apple Terminal, but not in iTerm2. In iTerm2 it doesn't show the left status.

After I first installed tmux-powerline and configured it, the status line was working properly. While editing my copy of the theme file the left status suddenly disappeared and nothing I've tried brings it back.

I backed out all the changes via git checkout -- <file> to no avail. I completed removed tmux-powerline and started over thinking it was some configuration change I botched, again with no result.

Both Terminal.app and iTerm2 have UTF8 set for encoding. My .tmux.conf has set -g ut8 and set -g status-utf8 on. I am not using a patched font and therefore have TMUX_POWERLINE_PATCHED_FONT_IN_USE set to false.

I have not recently made any changes to iTerm2's preferences.

I'm at a loss as to why the left status suddenly disappeared and how to make it return.

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I solved the issue by uninstalling iTerm2 and reinstalling it. Removing the com.googlecode.iterm2.plist file didn't help, so I resorted to nuking the entire thing from orbit.

Not sure what got corrupted but I'm pleased a reinstall corrected it.

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