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Good Morning,

My team and I are in charge of handling our company's Facebook Fan Page. As newbie's in this endeavour, we would like to regulate our viewers (fans) option to comment on our posts and albums.

Is there any way that we can control post comments like it is in a personal page?

If there is currently no option to do so, is there a chance that we may customize our settings?

Most Respectfully Yours, Jose Polo Dagdag

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If you go to your page, you should see an Edit Page button. If not, it will be hidden under the Admin Panel button. From here, select Manage Permissions.

Manage Permissions

You will then come to a page that has many options, such as Posting Ability (who can post), Post Visibility (what can be seen), as well as other useful things like Moderation Blocklist (blacklisted words).

The URL that Manage Permissions is under should look like this:


Facebook would have more information on their website, and as this site is more for programming-related questions, you would have more luck there.

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