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We are trying to setup an Asterisk server. We have it up and trunks and routes configured. We have a daily conference call amongst 2 or 3 people each day at the same time. We would like to tell Asterisk to automatically call each one of the co-workers and bring them into a conference. We currently use GotoMeeting, but would like to automate this process using Asterisk. Has anyone seen anything like this or have any ideas on how one would approach a situation like this?

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I have found the following site, but still not working. When my chron moves this file into the outgoing directory, it will call employee #1, but not #2. As soon as employee #1 answers, it disconnects and never calls employee #2.… – user1876087 Mar 27 '13 at 4:58

You need

  1. Setup conference number

  2. Create call files one side is number you want invite, other side is conference number and context(for freepbx context=from-internal)

So you need create ONE file per EVERY user.

This page have alot of examples:

Issue that can arise:

  • You call out using g729 codec and no codec in system. Solution: disallow g729 on trunk
  • You call out to 2-3 users but have only one outgoing line.
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