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Grid cant load data from servlete and page navigation not work but when make "loadonce:false" grid load but not page navigation wrok -

               datatype: "xml",
                height: 550 ,    
                width:840,                                                      //    'B2C'           'AD''AC'                   
                           // {name:'act1',index:'act1', width:20,sortable:false},
                          {name:'srNo',index:'srNo', width:35,sortable:true,editable:false,hidden:true},
                          // {name:'delboy',index:'delboy', width:35,sortable:true,editable:false},
                          {name:'DNO',index:'DNO', width:33,sortable:true,editable:false,editoptions: { readonly: 'readonly' },focus:false},

                          {name:'FR',index:'FR', width:25,sortable:false,editable:true,editrules:{number:true}},
                          {name:'PA',index:'PA', width:25,sortable:false,editable:true,editrules:{edithidden:true,number:true}},
                          {name:'mty',index:'mty', width:25,sortable:false,editable:true,editrules:{edithidden:true,number:true}},
                          {name:'act',index:'act', width:13,sortable:false},
                          {name:'Location',index:'Location', width:50,sortable:false},
                  paging: true,
                  pager: $("#page"),
                  sortname: 'DNO',
                  sortorder: 'asc',
                  sortable: true, 
                  footerrow: true,
                  userDataOnFooter: true,
                  gridview: true,
                  altRows : true,
                 onSelectRow : function(id)
                    if (id && id !== lastsel) 
                       // alert(parseInt(id)+1);
                        DNO = $('#list').getCell(id,'DNO');
                        jQuery("#list").jqGrid('setGridParam',{editurl: 'JQGridServlet?action=Edit&DNO='+DNO});
                        jQuery('#list').saveRow(lastsel, true, 'clientArray');
                        jQuery('#list').editRow(id, true, null, null);
                        lastsel = id;
//MY servelet code:

if (request.getParameter("action").equals("fetchData")) 
                         System.out.println("in fetchData");

but not go in side that action when "loadonce:true". please any body suggest to how to solve this problem.

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where is the url value?? –  redDevil Mar 27 '13 at 4:32
can you share your complete jqgrid code? –  Ajo Koshy Mar 27 '13 at 4:44
hey I am try with "loadonce:false" grid load but page navigation still not work,so what to do? –  AloNE Mar 27 '13 at 4:56
you know what would be nice? Complete code so that we can understand what exactly is happening. A random piece of code won't help you or us here. –  Aashray Mar 27 '13 at 5:14
so I have send more code, now please check it and try to solve my problem –  AloNE Mar 27 '13 at 5:48

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