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I want to read data.txt which has a 2x2 matrix number inside delimited by tab like this:

0.5 0.1
0.3 0.2

Is there any way to read this file in bash then store it into an array then process it a little then export it to a file again? Like for example in matlab:

a=dlmread('data.txt') //read file to array variable a
for i=1:2
   for j=1:2
dlmwrite(b,'data2.txt') //exporting array value b to data2.txt
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bash doesn't do multidimensional arrays and bash doesn't do floating point numbers. So, it may not be your ideal candidate. Unless there's a reason not to, it might be better to use something like python or perl. –  FatalError Mar 27 '13 at 5:44
@FatalError is there another way like just using 1 dimensional array to solve it like inputing the first row to first array and second row to other array? –  Leon Mar 27 '13 at 5:48

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If the extent of your processing is to something simple like add 100 to every entry, a simple awk command like this might work:

awk '{ for(i = 1; i <= NF - 1; i++) { printf("%.1f%s", $i + 100, OFS); } printf("%.1f%s", $NF+100, ORS); }' < matrix.txt

This just loops through each row and adds 100. It's possible to do more complex operations too, but if you really want toprocess matrices there are better tools (like python+numpy or octave).

It's also possible to use bash arrays, but to do any of the operations you'd have to use an external program anyway, since bash doesn't handle floating point arithmetic.

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