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I'd like to check if a Class object represents a subclass of other class for example

Class class1 = Class.forName("Class1");
Class class2 = Class.forName("Class2");

 if(class1.isSubClassOf(class2)) // fake methos isSubClassOf
  // do sth

How can I implement this isSubClassOf method ?

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Class.isAssignableFrom() provides more-or-less what you're after, although it handle interfaces also, so may need to do a bit more extra work to be sure that it's a subclass, direct or otherwise.

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I got all mixed up about which class was which, reading the javadoc for that method. To put this here for the benefit of everyone else: If you have class SubClass extends SuperClass: SuperClass.class.isAssignableFrom(SubClass.class) is true, while SubClass.class.isAssignableFrom(SuperClass.class) is false. So it's kind of the reverse of the OP's fictitious isSubClassOf method. –  MatrixFrog Jul 15 '11 at 22:49

instanceof operator, IIRC.

However, you should never ever do this. Add a method to the applicable class and be done with it.

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No, instanceof is for comparing instances of classes, not the classes themselves. –  skaffman Oct 1 '08 at 7:23
If you don't have an instance, then this is likely academic. If you do, this will work. –  Marcin Oct 1 '08 at 20:49
No, it won't. instanceof and isAssignableFrom() are profoundly different. –  skaffman Oct 2 '08 at 15:13

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