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Sorry if this question is dumb. I converted a jqplot image to data-url and send it with a form. In the new page, I used cgi.FieldStorage() to get the submitted data-url, but got nothing. So could anyone give me some suggestions on my approach? Thanks!

I am using Python on Google App Engine

Input page Javascript

var imgData = $('#chart1').jqplotToImageStr({});
$('<tr style="display:none"><td><input type="hidden" name="extract1"></td></tr>')

Output page:

def post(self):
    form = cgi.FieldStorage()   
    extract1 = form.getvalue('extract1') #extract1 is empty

I tried to print the form and it looked as:MiniFieldStorage('extract1', '"

If I assigned the data-url (...), it worked.

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Are you sure that Javascript snippet is being called? Have you used developer mode in chrome to confirm that the extract1 element exists? – jozzas Mar 27 '13 at 6:16
Yes. Somehow it worked... but I have to use .val(imgData) instead. In the new page if I choose form.getvalue('extract1'), it is a PNG, and if I use str(form.getvalue('extract1')), it is still a jqplot object. – tao.hong Mar 27 '13 at 6:19
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I have (working) code that does something similar.

def post(self):
  img_data = self.request.get('extract1')
  # then strip off the prefix and convert from base64

is what I'm doing. Poking into cgi.FieldStorage isn't something I normally see done in Python App Engine apps.

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