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I have a button on my class that takes the user from one scene to another like from Main Menu to the Game Page. Now, this works okay but I would like to restrict the touch. Like, if I touch the button then drag, then I the transition won't work but if I touch the button and let go it should work. How do I implement this? This is how my code currently looks but it's not working:

    if event.phase == "moved" then
    print("cannot be")
elseif event.phase == "began" then
    if event.phase == "ended" then
                storyboard.gotoScene("Game", "fade", 400)

How can I restrict the touch event? Like if I touch the button, drag across the screen and end my touch on the button, it should not transition to the next scene?

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You should try tap instead of touch. It is as follows:

 local function sceneChangeFunction()
     storyboard.gotoScene("Game", "fade", 400)


if you want to use touch itself, then you can do it as below:

 local sceneChangeFlag = false  -- create a flag, make it false
 local function sceneChangeFunction(e)
         sceneChangeFlag = true           -- make it true in touch began
         sceneChangeFlag = false          -- make it false in touch moved
         if(sceneChangeFlag==true)then    -- scene changes only if flag==true 
             sceneChangeFlag = false
             storyboard.gotoScene("Game", "fade", 400)     

Keep coding..... :)

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Awesome, thank you so much :) –  user1597438 Apr 1 '13 at 1:05

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