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Is it possible to extract a substring with lex regular expressions, like it can be done with sed?

For example

sed -e 's/[0-9]*\([a-z]*\)[0-9]*/\1/'

will extract foo from 34234foo777 or bar from 123bar456

Is it possible to do that with lex like this:

[0-9]*\([a-z]*\)[0-9]*     printf("alphabetical substring is %s\n", /*what?? \1 ??*/);

without parsing yytext by plain C?

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There is a solution using Yacc, considering that [0-9] is numeric and [a-z] is alpha

so your grammar is :

stmt : NUMERIC ALPHA NUMERIC    printf("alphabetical substring is %s\n", $2)

ALPHA and NUMERIC given by the lex

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